The Nation’s Best Yoga Studios

on January 22, 2015
Yoga Studio

There’s no doubt that health-conscious Americans are involved in a pretty serious love affair with yoga. Blinded by passion, devotees happily bend themselves into positions that look like they shouldn’t even be physically possible; other yogis do the same, only in a room specifically designed to make them sweat. As crazy as it seems, there are plenty of reasons to give into the madness, and people all over the country have done just that. Beloved for its incredible health benefits— including improved flexibility, strength, and muscle tone—yoga is now practiced in countless studios throughout the country. Here, we celebrate the best of the best yoga studios our nation’s cities have to offer, from New York to LA and everywhere in between!


Amrita Yoga & Wellness– Philadelphia, PA

Amrita Yoga & Wellness |

Amrita Yoga & Wellness

If you’re searching for the studio with the coolest interior design, look no further than Amrita Yoga & Wellness in Philadelphia (which one Yelp reviewer actually described as “the Lexus of yoga studios”). The owners specifically designed it to feel like a beautiful, magical escape from the city. With skylights in every classroom, an indoor waterfall, roaring fireplaces, and plenty of natural stone, this local studio offers everything you could possibly need for the ultimate retreat.


Yoga Tree– San Francisco, CA

Yoga Tree San Francisco |

Yoga Tree San Francisco

Composed of nine locations scattered throughout the Bay Area, the Yoga Tree Collective strives to nurture the growing community of yogis in San Francisco. Each session is intimate and all about the individual practice of each yogi. The San Francisco Bay Guardian even named one of Yoga Tree’s instructors, Jane Austin, one of the most popular yogis in the city, describing her class as “filled as much with laugher and candid advice as yoga.”


Tranquil Space– Washington, DC

Tranquil Space |

Tranquil Space

A self-proclaimed “yoga and eco-boutique,” Tranquil Space has been recognized as one of the top yoga destinations in the world. According to one Yelp reviewer, “They start on time, they mist lavender over your face at the end of the session, provide eye masks (divine!), and serve tea and cookies at the end of class.” With features like these, this haven offers guaranteed tranquility to new and experienced yogis alike.


Shakti Power Yoga- Nashville, TN

Shakti Power Yoga

Shakti Power Yoga

Tucked away in a quaint historic house on Nashville’s iconic Music Row, Shakti Power Yoga is a magical place indeed. As soon as you walk into Shakti’s doors, you’ll be greeted by the studio’s two friendly dogs, Hank and Clark. Creaky floorboards, old fireplaces, and local artwork adorning the walls add an indelible Southern charm to the small but inviting space. The studio offers a variety of classes geared towards yogis of all levels, including slower meditation classes, but yogis flock to Shakti primarily for their sweaty, fast-paced Vinyasa classes, which feature energizing music and challenging ab-work. The absence of mirrors forces you to check your ego at the door and get more in tuned with your breath. Thoughtful touches—such as damp lavender-scented towels draped across your forehead at the end of every class—make the Shakti experience truly unforgettable. Another perk? First-timers can try a month’s worth of unlimited classes for only $30!


Spira Power Yoga– Seattle, WA

Spira Power Yoga |

Spira Power Yoga

Their motto? “Everything in balance and moderation.” Seattle’s Spira Power Yoga focuses on an athletic yoga style as the key to an active and healthy life, working particularly to minimize stress and maximize joy. You can always expect to sweat during one of their classes because the studio ensures that every session is an intense workout.


Yoga Agora– New York, NY

Yoga Agora |

Yoga Agora

On a budget? Yoga Agora’s primary mission is to offer affordable yoga in a welcoming environment. Operating entirely on a drop-in basis, this NYC studio only charges what patrons can afford to pay, fostering a sense of community between yogis of all socioeconomic backgrounds.


Kindness Yoga– Denver, CO

Kindness Yoga |

Kindness Yoga

A lot of yoga studios can be intimidating to newcomers, especially if their physical fitness isn’t where they’d like it to be. But the culture at Kindness Yoga revolves around just that: kindness and compassion for everyone who crosses their threshold, ensuring no one feels unwelcome or too unskilled to participate in their classes. The Denver studio offers an incredibly wide range of classes, featuring over 350 every week that welcome all fitness levels.


Wanderlust YOGA– Austin, TX

Wanderlust Yoga |

Wanderlust Yoga

Fans of festivals, look no further. The concept for the Wanderlust studio in Austin arose from the incredibly popular Wanderlust Festival, a “one-of-a-kind yoga and music phenomenon.” Just like the festival, Wanderlust seeks to bring people of all cultures together through their shared love of yoga. Each class is set to upbeat international music—a physical and spiritual experience you won’t want to miss!


Bloom Studio– Chicago, IL

Bloom Studio |

Bloom Studio

Wondering what to expect from your studio while you’re expecting? Though many yoga studios offer the occasional class for pregnant women, Bloom Studio specifically caters to expectant mothers. This Chicago favorite holds prenatal classes almost every day along with classes designed for mothers and their young children.


Yoyo Yogi– Portland, OR

YoYo Yogi |

YoYo Yogi

Yelp reviewers describe this studio as “so incredibly welcoming.” Offering what its owners Alex and Terri call “mind-bendin’ body-stretchin’ peace providin’ yoga,” this laid-back, friendly studio designs all of its classes to fit with its upbeat and casual atmosphere.


Bikram Yoga College of India– Los Angeles, CA

Bikram College of India LA |

Bikram College of India LA, New York Times

Known for its masses of Lulu Lemon-wearing yoga devotees, Los Angeles offers endless studio options for potential yogis. Our favorite is the Bikram Yoga College of India in West LA, which offers the very best in hot yoga—an hour and a half long, extremely intense workout in 105 degree heat.

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