The Nation’s Healthiest Hotels

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on February 21, 2014
omni hotel nashville
The state-of-the-art fitness center at the newly-opened Omni Hotel in Nashville, Tenn.

For fitness fanatics, healthy eaters or those with special diets, travel can put a strain on healthy lifestyle preferences, leaving guests feeling worse-for-wear at check out. Luckily, several major hotels around the country have wised up to the demand for healthier travel accommodations. Offering nutritious food options, innovative fitness opportunities and other imaginative wellness programs, we give these 7 unique hotels a five-star rating for their health-focused approach to hospitality. Whether you’re traveling for business or leisure, you can rest assured knowing that you can keep your health a top priority.

Kimpton Hotels

kimpton hotels

Kimpton Hotels recently launched a juicing program, giving guests a burst of necessary nutrients on the road.

Yogis, rejoice: Kimpton Hotels offers guests a complimentary yoga mat in every room, so you can start every morning with a sun salutation, even when you’re far from home. If yoga isn’t really your speed, Kimpton Hotels also features free on-demand fitness programs on your in-room TV, meaning you can squeeze in a workout while still in pajamas. For those looking to do some local exploring, Kimpton Hotels provide state-of-the-art bikes at every location, allowing for some major calorie-torching while sightseeing. Even better, this hotel is healthy for the environment. By implementing ‘green’ initiatives like non-toxic, eco-friendly cleaning products, complimentary parking for hybrid vehicles, and an on-site water filtration system that eradicates the need for bottled water, Kimpton Hotels take health and wellness to a global level.

Even Hotels

even hotels

Even Hotels is touted as the nation’s first wellness hotel group.

Touted as the nation’s first wellness-focused hotel group, EVEN Hotels makes staying healthy a breeze. An offspring of the InterContinental Hotel Group, these unique hotels recognize that no matter how committed you are to fitness, travel almost always disrupts our healthy routines. As a result, EVEN makes staying fit and feeling good a top priority for guests. Whether your normal routine involves group classes, hiking or a personal trainer, EVEN Hotels cater to every exercise preference. Consult the staff for recommendations about local running trails, head to the 1200-square foot frosted glass athletic center, or use the hotel’s mobile app, which provides a comprehensive exercise guide. Furthermore, motivational messages scattered throughout the hotel provide guests with a dose of healthy inspiration to stay on track. In fact, each hotel room can easily be transformed into an impromptu gym—the coat rack in your closet doubles as a pull-up bar, and the luggage storage bench functions as a workout bench. In other words, no excuses!

Omni Hotels

omni hotel nashville

The state-of-the-art fitness center at the newly opened Omni Hotel in Nashville, Tenn.

Taking the “in-room workout” to a whole new level, Omni Hotels is a pioneer of healthy travel. For guests who are truly committed to maintaining their fitness regimen, specialty Get Fit Rooms are available for booking, complete with a personal, in-room treadmill stationed just steps from your bed. Guests can also request a Get Fit Kit—which includes a yoga mat, two 2-pound dumbbells, resistance bands, a water bottle and a refreshing chilled towel—delivered straight to your door. Omni locations also offer an assortment of challenging fitness classes, from Pilates to boot camp and to spin. If you’re looking for a no-excuses healthy travel experience that is sure to leave you in better shape than when you arrived, Omni Hotels is the obvious choice.

Hyatt Hotels

hyatt food thoughtfully sourced

Hyatt Hotels embraces a food philosophy of using sustainable, locally-sourced ingredients.

Hyatt Hotels takes the guesswork out of eating well with an emphasis on natural, wholesome and balanced food options. Starting in 2011, Hyatt committed to cooking with locally-sourced ingredients like cage-free eggs, local produce and sustainably-farmed seafood, and most of their menu options comply with the USDA’s MyPlate standards for a healthy, balanced meal. Furthermore, the hotel pledges to reduce the sugar and sodium content in their menus by 10% by 2016. With such a concerted focus on healthy eating, Hyatt Hotels is a clear winner in the healthy hospitality arena. In addition, Hyatt Hotels proudly caters to a range of dietary needs, ensuring that gluten-free, diabetic and vegetarian travelers always have safe and delicious options. Furthermore, upon request, the Stay Fit Concierge provides guests with heart rate monitors with GPS capability, a great option for out-of-town runners who are looking to explore the area.

Westin Hotels

westin hotels Gear Lending

Pack light and stay fit with the signature Gear Lending program at Westin.

Hoping to revamp their on-site food service with a healthier bent, Westin Hotels recently rolled out a new SuperFoodsRx nutrition program, a menu featuring antioxidant-rich superfoods. Healthy dishes on the Westin SuperFoodsRx menu include green tea-infused salmon, black bean hummus and steel cut oats topped with bananas, pecans and honey. By substituting the processed, packaged and greasy foods that guest typically encounter at hotels for fresh, delicious meals with an abundance of well-researched health benefits, Westin Hotels truly cater to the health-conscious traveler. In addition, Westin Hotels also partnered with Nintendo to offer Wii consoles at their facilities as part of the WestinWORKOUT program. Guests can break a sweat while playing Wii Fit and Wii Sports games, making Westin the perfect destination for a fun, active and health-conscious stay.


trump hotels

The Trump Wellness program caters to health-conscious guests with a variety of gorgeous, healthy meals.

Trump Hotels is raising the bar for luxury hotels across the country with the introduction of their signature Trump Wellness program, which promises to maintain or even elevate your healthy lifestyle regimen during your stay. With a menu makeover featuring organic, vegan and gluten-free options, as well as a 15-minute-delivery Quick Bite menu—offering delicious and healthy fare at a moment’s notice—Trump accommodates a busy but nutritionally-conscious lifestyle. In addition, Trump Hotels recently teamed up with fitness clothier Under Armour to provide fitness apparel and footwear for guests who forgot to pack workout gear. Furthermore, guests can even request a pre-loaded iPod containing an array of workout playlists to fuel any workout session. Stretch bands, light weights and mats can also be delivered to your room, or guests can hit the sleek, ultra-modern gyms stocked with top-of-the-line equipment and fitness training cards sponsored by Technogym. With such a strong commitment to making fitness a priority, Trump Hotels ensures the wellbeing of their busy travelers.

MGM Grand Las Vegas

MGM grand

The MGM Grand makes healthy living easy in the midst of Sin City.

In partnership with Deepak Chopra and the renowned Cleveland Clinic, MGM Grand Las Vegas offers a one-of-a-kind wellness experience that promises jetlagged travelers and weary partiers a truly tranquil stay. Its healthy, customizable menu options and minibars stocked with nutritious snacks like coconut water and almonds are just the beginning; the Stay Well rooms at MGM Grand provide an all-around healthy immersion. From shower heads infused with vitamin C, to air purification systems that remove common allergens, to aromatherapy infusion diffusers, the Stay Well rooms are committed to providing a relaxing and salubrious experience for its guests. Other innovative wellness features include wake-up light therapy that gently signals the body’s internal clock to rise, nightlights that don’t disrupt the body’s melatonin production, purified water filtration systems, and photo-catalytic coating that breaks down bacteria. As if this wasn’t enough to lure health-minded travelers, the MGM Grand also ensures the wellness of its guests even after their stay; Stay Well room guests receive complimentary access to the Cleveland Clinic’s online programs for stress management, sleep, and nutrition for up to 60 days following their visit. Whether you’re looking for a relaxing, healthful experience, or hoping to recover after a night on the town, MGM grand is the perfect choice for all-around wellness.