The Next Zumba?

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on May 14, 2012

Zumba, the Latin-inspired dance fitness class, has taken American gyms by storm, and a host of new dance workouts are cropping up in suit. Could one of them be the next Zumba? We asked Aprile Peishel, who puts together the annual gathering IDEA World Fitness Convention, where the latest classes and training methods are debuted, to predict the next hot trends. Here are her picks.


The 411: Offered at Crunch gym, Canyon Ranch spa, and independent dance studios, LaBlast, created by Dancing with the Stars’ Louis Van Amstel, is a ballroom dance-based cardio workout. “Louis’ choreography is wonderful and combines elements of classic ballroom, from the cha-cha to the tango,” Peishel says.

Who it’s for: Dancers with a love for detail. “His class can be challenging because of the intricacy of the steps and focus on technique,” Peishel says.

The 411: QiDance blends different rhythms, cultures, and traditions from around the world into a sweat-inducing workout. “QiDance is pre-choreographed, set to original music, and provides an energy-boosting workout,” Peishel says. Instructors string together their choice of pre-choreographed dance and song combinations, so participants learn the steps over time while always experiencing a different class.

Who it’s for: Zumba devotees who want to explore a new fun and multicultural dance party.

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The 411:
From the creators of BodyPump and BodyAttack, Sh’Bam is a pre-choreographed dance workout set to popular music infused with a Latin beat. “The 45-minute class alternates between higher intensity tracks and recovery—lower intensity—tracks, so you get the benefits associated with interval training,” Peishel says. “The creators are known for unique and user-friendly choreography, as well as quality instruction.”

Who it’s for: Dance beginners who enjoy a high-energy atmosphere and crave a new way to sweat.

The 411: This user-friendly, 60-minute hip hop class breaks down moves into an easy-to-understand format, then revs them up into a flowing dance routine. Hustle was developed by Turbo Kick creator Chalene Johnson, who offers DVDs so you can hip hop at home, too.

Who it’s for: Hip hop lovers who want to turn their passion into exercise and learn some new moves along the way.