The No-Excuses Guide to New Sun Protection Products

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on June 6, 2013
Ways to protect yourself from the sun.

We’re busted—and burned. A recent study at Yale University found that just 17 percent of Americans always wear sunscreen. And even more shocking, more than 25 percent of melanoma survivors say they don’t protect themselves properly. This summer, we should all pledge to do better—and luckily there are plenty of new sun protection products on the market designed to bust your best excuses for skipping sunscreen.

Excuse: I hate layering several products on my face in the summer, but I need makeup coverage.

Try this:
EmerginC Broad Spectrum SPF 30 tinted sunscreen
$37 at

This sunscreen comes in a tinted version that also provides light mattifying makeup coverage (and avoids that dreaded white cast). Only one shade is available, suited to fair or medium skintones, but it blends to a sheer, dry finish. The plant-based formula contains vitamin C, vitamin E and aloe vera, which hydrates and stimulates skin cell growth. Free of artificial colors and fragrances that may cause irritation, the formula is ideal for those with sensitive skin.

Or this:
Marini Physical Protectant SPF 45 Sunscreen
$48 at

Another tinted sunscreen option, this lightweight paraben-free product provides a more dewy finish and moisturizing feel. But unlike other face makeup, it’s water-resistant. Green tea extract is soothing to skin that’s already caught a few too many rays, while added antioxidants provide anti-aging benefits.

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Excuse: The long list of ingredients in some sunscreens scares me, especially when it comes to my kids.

Try this:
Babyhampton Beach Bum Sunstick

It’s understandable that you’re careful about what you liberally apply to your little ones. But babies’ skin is especially sensitive to harmful rays. This hypoallergenic zinc sunscreen stick is chemical free and contains loads of natural oils like jojoba, avocado and coconut, as well as soothing shea butter. The stick is perfect to stash in your bag with no fears of leaking, but the SPF 30 formula is also available in cream form.

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Excuse: I’ll apply sunscreen in the morning, but I hate carrying it with me during the day because it’s too messy.

Try this:
Adventuress YouVee’s Sunscreen Swipes

OK, sunscreen slackers: A product has arrived that leaves you no excuses for skipping sun protection in any scenario. What could be more convenient than these individually wrapped sunscreen wipes? The lightly scented formula is packed with natural emollients, which nourish and moisturize skin as they protect against UV rays. The handy SPF 30 swipes come 24 to a box and are super-compact—perfect to stash in your purse, beach bag or even your pocket!

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Excuse: I have oily skin and sunscreen leaves me feeling greasy, especially on my face.

Try this:
Jane Iredale Powder-Me SPF Dry Sunscreen

Mineral foundation lovers are sure to appreciate this lightweight powder sunscreen made with ancient clay. It comes in three shades, so it won’t wash out even darker complexions. Bonus: This product is perfect to pat onto your scalp—an especially vulnerable area that we often neglect to protect—without weighing down your hair.