The Top Ten Fitness Apps

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on August 15, 2011
  1. Authentic Yoga ($1.99, iPhone, iPad, iPod, Android) Deepak Chopra and yoga teacher Tara Stiles' app dishes out yoga foundations, like philosophy, styles, breathing techniques, and pose how-tos. It also features more than 20 mini classes, and sequences that concentrate on balance, strength, flexibility and body awareness, with audio instruction from Chopra and visuals by Stiles.
  2. Tempo Magic Pro ($4.99, iPhone, iPod touch, iPad) Turn any ditty into an upbeat power song with Tempo Magic Pro, created by Spry Fitness Coach Petra Kolber. The app increases or decreases the beats per minute of any iTunes song to match the cadence of your workout.
  3. iMapMyRun+ ($1.99,, for iPhone) Just push “Start” on this GPS-powered app, and hit the street. It tracks your route (you can watch your progress on the map), calories burned, pace and elevation. You can even take and upload geo-tagged photos along the way and cue up voice motivation when you need a little oomph. (Blackberry, Android: iMapMyRun free)
  4. iPump Pilates ($1.99, iPhone, iPod touch, iPad). With three mat classes covering beginner, intermediate and advanced levels of difficulty, iPump has something for every Pilates practitioner. Instructor Kristin McGee coaches you through the sequences, which include 63 different photos depicting the moves with an option of watching video-and-audio how-tos of each. (Android: Pilates on the Move, free)
  5. CyclemeterGPS ($4.99, iPhone) Track the time, location, distance, elevation and speed of your road bike rides with Cyclemeter. It keeps you in the know while you're in the saddle with its 25 configurable audio updates that mark time, distance and elevation intervals. Aim for personal bests by racing against your former ride times, and share your progress with friends on Facebook and Twitter. Afterward, review maps and graphs of your workout, and plot your next ride. (Android, Blackberry: MapMyRide, free)
  6. Instant Heart Rate (free, iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad, Android) Just place your finger on your phone's camera lens, and Instant Heart Rate will detect your pulse.
  7. Oh, Ranger! Park Finder (Free, iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad) This compendium of every national park, state park, and national public land in America allows you search by location for the parks near you, or by a list of activities, like biking, caving, horseback riding and many more. It provides maps, directions, weather and more and makes playing outside in a beautiful place that much easier.
  8. ExerciseTV (Free, iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad, Android) Get a new workout video led by ExerciseTV personal trainers and fitness coaches every day, or choose from shorter circuit videos to put your own workout together. Choose from abs, yoga/stretching, upper body, lower body, and totally body workouts.
  9. SwimKit (Free, iPhone) This stash of swim workouts and tips is a great poolside resource (just make sure you waterproof your phone). It features multiple short, medium, long, multi-stroke and pace-focused workouts and offers tricks on how to get the most from your pool time, competition advice, and personal tips like how to get fight swimmer’s ear. There’s even a glossary of terms if you’re not sure what an “idiot IM” or “tarzan” stroke is.
  10. DailyBurn (Free, iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad) Track your calories and fitness, scan and record packaged food bar codes with your iPhone camera, set and track calorie goals, graph weight over time, and more with DailyBurn. (Android: Diet & Food Tracker)