This Holiday Season, Give the “Gift of Sight”

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on December 2, 2014
VSP gift of sight

Do you get stuck in a Christmas present rut, giving slippers and ties year after year? This holiday season, think outside of the box and give your loved ones a unique, affordable gift that they will actually use. As Connie DeMille, a mother of three and parenting blogger from Syracuse, Utah, learned from personal experience, even the simplest gift can make a big difference.

Connie wanted to find the perfect gift to give to her hardworking husband, Jason. An electrician who spends long hours on the road, Jason was frequently wearing safety goggles on the job to protect his eyes, but his uncomfortable contact lenses were constantly distracting him.

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“He wore his contacts for about a year, but they were always irritating his eyes,” Connie said. “And because of his safety goggles, he couldn’t wear glasses.”

That’s when Connie heard about VSP Direct, which offers individual vision insurance plans for those who don’t have coverage through their employers. She immediately knew that she could make a huge impact by giving Jason “the gift of sight.”

With VSP Direct insurance, Jason found the perfect pair of glasses that were functional for both home and on the job, eliminating the need for contact lenses.

“The glasses are safety-rated, and they look pretty stylish!” she said. “He loves them.”

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Jason concurs: “It’s nice to be able to see clearly, without blurring. It was truly the perfect present.”

Do you know of a loved one who could benefit from the gift of an eye exam and glasses, contact lenses, or other types of eyewear? Here are some points to keep in mind when shopping for eyewear.

Contact Lenses

Today’s contact lens wearers have several options, ranging from daily disposables to 30-day reusable lenses, and it’s important to identify which best suits your needs.

  • Daily disposable lenses, probably the most popular choice, are used just one time and then discarded. Many eye doctors recommend daily disposable contacts because they offer the best health and convenience.
  • Reusable lenses are worn for a set amount of time ranging from one week to one month and removed for cleaning and disinfection daily.


Many people are concerned about selecting the most stylish pair of frames, but you should be just as picky about selecting lenses that match your lifestyle and needs:

  • Single Vision Lenses are the most common lens choice for individuals who wear lenses with one prescription – far-sighted or near-sighted.
  • Progressive Lenses enable sight at a variety of distances—near, far and in-between. So, if you’re both near-sighted and far-sighted, progressive lenses provide a seamless progression of lens strength to see the world at any distance.
  • Digital Lenses are manufactured using precise laser technology as opposed to traditional lenses that are made using a dated, abrasive grinding process. They are up to six times more precise, with enhanced nighttime and peripheral vision, and can be tailored to suit your unique vision needs, such as the frame you choose and how that frame fits on your face.
  • Non-prescription lenses with special lens treatments like blue light protection are a great way to shield your eyes from blue light, a high-energy wavelength of light emitted from fluorescent lights, computer screens, TVs, tablets and smart phones. These keep your eyes healthy as you age and can even help improve your sleep.

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This holiday season, forgo the usual shopping route and give your loved one a thoughtful, special gift they will actually use. For someone who doesn’t have vision insurance through their employer, gifting vision insurance is a heartfelt way to show them how much you care.

“I never realized how important a pair of glasses was,” Connie says. “When you think about taking care of others, then you realize how important vision insurance can be.”

VSP Direct is an individual vision insurance product provided through VSP Vision Care, offering affordable and high-quality individual vision benefits directly to consumers. Individual vision coverage includes an annual eye exam with a copayment, allowance for glasses or contacts, and access to the largest doctor network in the industry with 30,000 doctors—all backed by a 100 percent satisfaction guarantee. VSP Direct offers the lowest out-of-pocket costs in individual vision care and a typical annual savings over $200 a year. 
Insurance policies have exclusions and limitations.  For costs and complete details of the coverage contact VSP at 800.785.0699.