Top Exercises for “Bat Wings”

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on October 31, 2012
Exercises to tone underarm "batwings".

Add one or more of these exercises to your routine 3 days a week for best results.


  1. Holding a dumbbell in your left hand, stand with your right knee on a chair as shown. To begin, your left elbow should be bent and your upper arm parallel to your torso.
  2. With abs tight, exhale and slowly straighten your left arm (your upper arm should remain stationary next to your torso).
  3. Inhale and slowly bend your elbow, returning to starting position. Repeat 8 to 12 times on each side.

Triangle pushups

Triangle Pushup Arm Exercise.

  1. Get into pushup position, placing hands directly under your breastbone with thumbs and forefingers touching so that they form a triangle shape.
  2. Exhale and slowly lower your body to the floor until elbows are at right angles (or as low as you can go).
  3. Inhale and push through the hands until arms are straight (don’t lock elbows). Repeat 8 to 12 times.


  1. Sit on a bench or chair with your hands next to your hips. Lift your hips and slide forward until your bottom clears the chair.
  2. Bend your elbows (no more than 90 degrees) and lower the hips, keeping your shoulders down.
  3. Push back up without locking the elbows; repeat 8 to 12 times.