Top Family Trips

Daily Health Solutions, Healthy Travel
on March 22, 2011

If you're interested in taking a multi-generational vacation, these options often provide something for everyone and make for great extended-family getaways.

Cruises. “They’re great for very active kids and not-so-active grandparents,” says Betsy Patton. For the more adventuresome (and mobile), try Alaska or the Galapagos Islands.

Villas or vacation home rentals. Whether in Europe, the Caribbean, or stateside, villas, condos and home rentals can be cozy, convenient options.

Family-oriented resorts. Many large resorts include a variety of adult activities—golf, spa, shopping—as well as kid-friendly programs. The Beaches all-inclusive properties in the Caribbean are particularly popular.

DisneyWorld. “The ultimate family destination,” Carolyn LeFleur calls it—not just for kids, either. Great accommodations, excellent dining, outstanding spas and golf. And a certain mouse named Mickey.

Dude ranches. Often all-inclusive, ranches offer everything from riding lessons to fly fishing, and comfy lodges for relaxing.

Ski resorts in summer. Hiking, mountain biking, spa-going and fishing are only a few of the activities you can experience off season at Western ski resorts.