The Best Treadmill Exercise Plans

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on January 23, 2012

Whether you’re a runner looking to beat the chill, or a gym goer looking to mix up your sweat session, our treadmill workouts will beat boredom and keep you in tip-top shape. Try each for a different way to feel the burn.

Treadmill Exercise Plan #1

This 30-minute interval was developed by Brenda Elko, group fitness director and personal trainer at Fairmount Athletic Club in the Philadelphia area, for all fitness levels based on her treadmill class, Stridz, which incorporates running, walking, jogging, skipping, side shuffles and walking backwards. “Treadmill workouts can be monotonous, but there are lots of formats for the treadmill that help time go by quickly and provide a terrific cardio workout,” Elko says. Choose your speed depending on your fitness ability and goals.

Treadmill Exercise Plan #2

Danielle Williams, marathoner, personal trainer, and group fitness instructor at Fairmount Athletic Club, developed this routine to tone muscle and burn calories. You will warm up with walking, jogging and running, and move off the treadmill for a short burst of arm and leg exercises. Use 3- to 8-pound weights for the shoulder press, biceps curls and triceps kick backs. Choose your speed based on your ability and goals. The easiest way to estimate your max effort is a method called "perceived exertion," based on a 1 to 10 scale. One is very little or no effort, and 10 is maximum effort.

Treadmill Exercise Plan #3

Get race-ready with this speed work-centered workout from Williams, which alternates an easy pace with three-minute speed bursts to help you achieve a personal record at your next race.