Does Ginger Ale Help a Stomachache?

Daily Health Solutions, Digestive Health
on March 11, 2008

Doctor Mom's pop prescription may have made you feel loved, but chances are it didn't do much good for your sour stomach. In fact, British researchers recently reviewed medical literature dating back to the 1950s and found no scientific evidence that soda boosts hydration or calms a bellyache.

What's more, the study found that the bubbly stuff lacks the sodium, potassium and other electrolytes you lose when you're battling a stomach bug (sports drinks and over-the-counter rehydration beverages are a better pick). And while ginger has been proven to help ease nausea, there's no such luck with its fizzy distant cousin, ginger ale—it's made with synthetic ginger flavoring.

There is good news, though: If gas is your issue, soda's carbonation can help by making you burp, which can relieve some of the bloating in your stomach.