How Walker-friendly is Your City?

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on September 12, 2011
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In July, released their 2011 list of Top 50 Most Walkable Cities, and not surprisingly, some of the largest and most condensed U.S. cities topped the list: New York City, San Francisco, and Boston took spots one, two, and three, respectively. But what makes a city “walkable”?

According to, a city’s walkable ranking is dependent upon how many of the following it has:

  • A town center, whether it’s a main street or public space
  • People, enough to sustain local businesses and a public transportation infrastructure
  • Affordable housing within reasonable proximity to local businesses
  • Public parks and gathering space
  • Buildings located close to the street, with parking lots located behind them
  • Schools and workplaces located within reasonable walking distance
  • Streets offering lane options for bikers, pedestrians, and transit


Click here for the complete list of top-ranking cities.

Health Perks and More

Aside from the obvious health benefits walking provides, opting to travel by foot versus car is also beneficial to the environment by decreasing emissions levels. And your wallet will enjoy the boost too! According to the website, “One point of Walk Score is worth up to $3,000 of value for your property.” Not to mention, imagine the dollars you save on gas by traveling on foot.


What’s the Score?’s rating method is based on a points system that measures how easy it is to live car-free or “car-lite.” The algorithm used awards points based on distance to various amenities within particular categories. Think businesses, schools and the like.

The scoring system ranges from 0 – 100 and breaks down as follows:

90-100: Walker’s Paradise: No car needed for daily errands

70-89: Very Walkable: Most errands can be done on foot

50-69: Somewhat walkable: Some amenities are within walking distance

25-49: Car-dependent: A few amenities are within walking distance

0-24: Car-dependent: Almost all errands require a vehicle

To find out how your address and city rank, visit