Don't Stress Shorter Days

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on October 15, 2015
sunset walk

It’s true—the sun is becoming scarce, and this just might make the days a little dreary. As amazing as sweater weather and curling up indoors under a warm blanket can be, our body’s limited vitamin D production can make us more than a little bummed eventually.

Your good vibes needn’t disappear altogether with the daylight, though. Our friends at PureWow give you 27 ways to deal when the days get shorter.

27 Ways Not to Get Mega-Depressed As the Days Get Shorter


1. Escape on the weekends. Get outta town.

2. Spend time outdoors. Fresh air = medicine.

3. Watch the sunrise. Get all the sunlight you can.

4. Make a summer vacation Pinterest board. Planning is the key to staying positive.

27 Ways Not to Get Mega-Depressed as the Days Get Shorter

Dimples and Tangles

5. Buy blooms. Bring the outdoors inside.

6. Start fires. Isn’t a crackling fire what fall is all about?

7. Let the light in. Maximize those limited rays.

8. Throw a Mexican fiesta. Here’s how.

27 Ways Not to Get Mega-Depressed as the Days Get Shorter


9. Treat yourself to seasonal staples. As if you needed an incentive to shop for suede.

10. Go the spa. Pretend those hot stones are little kisses from the sun.

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