Easy and Delicious Weeknight Paleo Dinner Recipes

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on March 1, 2017
Weeknight Paleo
Mark Adams

Think sticking to the Paleo Diet means sacrificing both flavor and time spent preparing complicated dishes? Think again. Committing to eating natural and nutrient-dense food is anything but bland, and you can prepare family-friendly meals with ease by stocking your pantry in advance with a few accessible staples of a Paleo kitchen.

Simply put, the aim of the Paleo Diet is to consume a diet similar to that of our paleolithic, hunter-gatherer ancestors. Focusing on lean meats fish, fruits, vegetables and nuts, the diet discourages dairy, grains, beans, added sugars and processed foods with the goal of providing the body with only the foods it was biologically designed to eat. Still wondering whether you should try it? Here are some additional factors to consider.

Julie and Charles Mayfield, authors of Weeknight Paleo: 100+ Easy and Delicious Family-Friendly Meals (William Morrow Cookbooks) are firm believers in spending less time hovering over the stove, and more time sharing and enjoying food with family. In Weeknight Paleo, the Mayfields share prep tips, shopping lists and meal planning ideas in addition to their easy-to-follow recipes for the slow cooker, traditional favorites, one-dish meals, pantry staples and more.


Weeknight Paleo Dinner Recipes // spryliving.com

Mark Adams


Whether you’re already devoted to the real food lifestyle or just starting out, we’ve got three no-fuss, Paleo dinner recipes to get you started below. Get ready to taste and feel the difference with just a few simple and delicious changes to your diet!


Creamy Shrimp with Vegetables

Paleo Creamy Shrimp with Vegetables // spryliving.com

Mark Adams

Don’t be fooled by its creamy texture—this dish is deceptively light! Don’t love shrimp? Feel free to substitute chicken or scallops.


Spicy Sausage Gumbo

Spicy Sausage Gumbo Recipe

Mark Adams

Believe it or not, you can enjoy this classic without sacrificing hours of your day to pick shellfish. No one will miss the crab in this vegetable-packed, stew-like version that features hearty sausage and plenty of Cajun seasoning for an irresistible kick.


Spaghetti Squash Fritters

Paleo Spaghetti Squash Fritters Recipe // spryliving.com

Mark Adams

Looking for creative ways to use spaghetti squash? Serve up these light and crisp fritters as a side, or add cooked chicken for a one-dish meal.