Winning Ways

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on June 1, 2012
Kerri Walsh


Motivational motto

Kerri Walsh, beach volleyball: “The three B’s! You’ve got to breathe, believe and battle.”


Lashinda Demus, hurdles: “Exceptional athletes are those who are willing to lose 100 times to just win once.” 


Pre-competition ritual

Nastia Liukin, gymnastics: “Listening to my pump-up playlist.”

Bryan Clay, decathlon: “I cut my hair and shave my legs and face. I like to clean up before I go out.”


Staying focused

Trey Hardee, decathlon: “I choose a focal point, either the task at hand or something physical such as a Red Bull can or a piece of grass.”

Kim Rhode, double trap/skeet shooter: “I focus on my heartbeat and my breathing, until that’s all I hear.”


Pre-workout meal

Missy Franklin, swimming: “I concentrate on fluids. In swimming, although you don’t feel it, you sweat a lot.”

Michael Hunter, boxing: “I love breakfast. It’s not breakfast without eggs. And oatmeal, and sausage and pancakes …”