Workout 1: Get-Strong Cycle

Fitness, Workout Plans
on March 19, 2012

Time: 7:30 minutes

Warm Up: Seated flat. Pedal with light to moderate resistance and a quick cadence to elevate your heart rate, get your blood pumping, and lubricate your joints. Gradually add resistance to find a light hill by minute 7:30.

RPM: 90

RPE: 7

% Maximum Heart Rate: 65%

Song: "Release," Afro Celt Sound System


Time: 5 minutes

Moderate Hill: Seated climb. Continue to add resistance, remaining seated until the last minute; then stand.

RPM: 70-80

RPE: 8

% Maximum Heart Rate: 75%

Song: "Fistful of Silence," The Glitch Mob

Time: 5:45 minutes

Tough Hill: 2 minutes, seated climb: Increase resistance so you can barely stay seated and maintain 70 rpm. 2 minutes, standing climb: Add a bit more resistance, and come out of the saddle to standing.1:45 minutes, standing climb: Charge the hill with more resistance and cadence.

RPM: 70

RPE: 8-9 (highest during last 1:45)

% Maximum heart rate: 75%-85% (highest during standing climb)

Song: "Sail" (Unlimited Gravity remix), Awolnation


Time: 4:45 minutes

Climb and Jump: 2 minutes, standing climb: Continue climbing, but slow your pace to actively recover your heart rate. 2 minutes, jumps: Focus on smooth transitions between seated and standing, and keep your cadence consistent. 45 seconds, seated climb: Ease back into the saddle, and increase your speed.

RPM: 60-70

RPE: 8-9 (highest during jumps)

% Maximum heart rate: 75%-85% (highest during jumps)

Song: "He’s a Pirate" (Ship Ahoy Tribal Remx), Chris Joss and Klaus Badelt


Time: 3:30

Strong Climb: Seated climb: Go strong, gradually adding resistance every 30 seconds, but maintaining your cadence; when the gear gets too heavy to stay seated, stand and finish strong.

RPM: 70

RPE: 9

% Maximum heart rate: 85%

Song: "Boom Blast," Wiley


Time: 5 minutes

Recover: Seated flat: Gradually lower intensity; focus on deep breathing through your nose, inhaling and exhaling for four counts each. When you feel cooled down, dismount, stretch, and hydrate.

% Maximum heart rate: Recover to below 65%

Song: "Everybody Hurts," R.E.M