Workout 2: Interval Cycle

Fitness, Workout Plans
on March 19, 2012

Time: 6 minutes

Warm up: Seated flat with light/moderate resistance and a quick cadence to slowly elevate heart rate, get your blood pumping and lubricate your joints.

RPM: 90

RPE: 7

% Maximum heart rate: 65%

Song: "Life Begins Again," (featuring Robert Plant) Afro Celt Sound System


Time: 4 minutes

Flat Road: 2 minutes, seated flat: Extension of your warm up. Your pace should be slightly uncomfortable, but one that you could hold for 45 minutes. 2 minutes, standing flat: Continue at the same pace and resistance.

RPM: 80 – 90

RPE: 7.5

% Maximum heart rate: 70%

Song: "Balancing the World," Elliot Morris


Time: 5 minutes

Tough Hill: 2 minutes, seated climb: Increase your resistance so that you can barely maintain 70 RPM. Your legs will burn and feel heavy, and the pace will feel moderately challenging. 2 minutes, standing climb: Add a bit more resistance, enough that you need to come out of the saddle. 1 minute, standing climb: Increase your cadence and resistance, and charge the hill.

RPM: 70

RPE: 8-9 (highest during last minute)

% Maximum heart rate: 75%- 85% (highest during last minute)

Song: "Lights (Bassnectar remix)," Ellie Goulding


Time: 3:30 minutes

Intense Flat: 1:30 minutes, seated flat: Easy recovery. Focus on slow, even breathing. 1 minute, seated flat: Increase your cadence to a challenging pace. Your resistance should not be too intense that you can't maintain it for more than a minute. 1 minute, seated flat: Increase your cadence, and at the 30-second mark, add an aggressive amount of resistance, come out of saddle to “break the gear,” then sit down and pedal to the end. This should be an intensity that cannot be held for more than 30 seconds.

RPM: 90-100

RPE: 7-10 (highest during last minute)

% Maximum heart rate: 65%- 92% (highest during last minute)

Song: "Awake and Alive (Rock Radio Mix)," Skillet


Time: 5 minutes

Recover: Seated flat:Gradually lower intensity and focus on deep breathing, inhaling and exhaling through the nose for four counts each. When full recovery is achieved, dismount, stretch and hydrate.

% Maximum heart rate: below 65%

Song: "Big Lie, Small World," Sting