Yowza Boca Treadmill: The Ultimate Workout Machine

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on March 17, 2015

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The Yowza Boca Treadmill is one of the best treadmills offered by Yowza Fitness and is one of the modern releases this group has offered which is truly a “factory-direct” buying experience.  This machine is a superior device which is available at a lower cost than anyone would probably expect. The Boca machine is one of our desired models because of its wide spacious console, comfortable running surface, and innovative technologies. Proform Treadmill is one such product that is quite famous that is used for a similar purpose.


Yowza Fitness

Yowza Fitness


Yowza Treadmills are manufactured by a leading Taiwanese fitness equipment company and are built by Green Master. The Green Master machines are best known for their best price range. Experienced users with Yowza Boca treadmill are very impressed for its quality and Innovative design.

The Yowza Boca Treadmill is one of their modern outcomes. Users have reviewed and stated that even without all the unique options found on the Yowza Boca Treadmill, it would be well worth the $2K price tag. Another option, the Horizon Elliptical, is also one of the best machines that can be used for the treadmill process.


Yowza Fitness

Yowza Fitness


Yowza Boca Treadmill Salient Features:

  • Swing Arm Shock Absorption — Yowza Boca Treadmill comprises of the soft cushions at the front of the machine where you step on it when you proceed with each step. It resembles the rocker arm chair. In addition, you have a firm hard surface on the backside of the tread belt which will helps you in giving a stable push off point. This helps to protect your joints from excessive strain.
  • IWM (Intelligent Weight Management) System – All users strive hard to lose weight and get into shape, but lack direction. The Yowza treadmill has a system to provide a unique solution to manage the weight by providing a fitness scale linked up with the device. The scale communicates with your treadmill via Bluetooth.
  • MyLiveLight App — Yowza Boca Treadmill has created its own fitness app called “MyLiveLight” which is free of cost and works in conjunction with the device. It also works in connection with IWM to create custom programs, manage your personal profile, and it allows you to store and track your progress.
  • Bluetooth Sound System and Airport — The speakers on the Boca Treadmill operate through Bluetooth technology which enables the user to link them to their smart phone, MP3 player, or tablet. It also helps user to answer the calls directly while in workout. The speakers on the machine are of very good quality.
  • 3-Speed Fan —The impressive part of the Yowza Boca Treadmill is that it comes with two fans that will actually cool you off.
  • Motion Speed Control — This was one of our favorite pieces of technology from the Yowza treadmills. With their patented Motion Control, you can simply wave your hand over sensors to increase speed, decrease speed, or stop the machine. The main advantage — you do not need to break your stride and reach to the console to make changes.
  • 5 Continuous Duty HP Motor — Yowza tends to use higher quality motors than many of their competitors which give a good power source.
  • 20” x 63” Treadmill — This machine has a really good large running surface for people who are taller or have a longer stride.
  • Wireless Heart Rate Chest Strap — The machine allows the user to monitor heart rate without grabbing the hand sensors during your workout.  It provides more accurate readings and connects to an installed heart rate control program where you define your workout based on your heart rate.
  • Warranty — Yowza Boca treadmill gives a warranty of about 10 years parts coverage and typical coverage is usually 5 years:

– Lifetime motor and frame

– 10-years parts

– 2-years labor