Zumba: Do’s and Don’ts

Fitness, News and Advice
on August 21, 2012

Don’t think you have to be young, in great shape or a great dancer to give it a try.

Do bring a large, full water bottle. Maybe even two! You’ll sweat a LOT, making re-hydrating throughout the class crucial.

Do wear comfortable clothes and shoes.

Don’t expect to pick up all the moves during the first class, or even the second and third.

Don’t stop moving. Modify the moves if you need to until you pick them up.

Do be patient—it takes time to learn the routines.

Do try to cut loose and let your body move. You may feel like an idiot, but with the physical restraints off, the mental enjoyment is that much better!

Don’t expect every Zumba class or instructor to be the same. You may have to shop around to find one that suits you best.

Do consider supplementing your Zumba workouts with strength training or Zumba forms like Sentao.

Do consider starting with a more gentle version of Zumba to get your feet wet. Something like Zumba Gold is great place to start.

Do check out our Zumba glossary to learn more.

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