Zumba: What to Wear

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on August 21, 2012
  • On your body: There’s an entire Zumba retail line, complete with clothes, DVDs, music, jewelry, books, even thong undies (yes, Zumba thongs!), which solidifies the fact that Zumba is very much a business. Hard-core Zumba devotees wear the signature cargo pants and bra tops, but frankly anything that you can comfortably move in works. I will say that no one showed up in a leotard and legwarmers, so if you go that route, don’t say I didn’t warn you. But seriously, I saw anything from yoga pants and bike shorts to sweats and Zumba cargo pants. My suggestion? Go comfortable and lightweight as you’re going to sweat, big time!
  • On your feet: As for shoes, many Zumba fans prefer to buy sneakers designed by dancewear companies like Bloch or Capezio. You may not need to go that far, but look for a lightweight shoe with very little tread on the bottom, like the Nike Musique or Ryka Studio D, so you can seamlessly move side to side.

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