Circulation Sales

Prospective Partners

Publishing Group of America has a proven track record of complementing local news with special interest magazine content through their American Profile and Relish brands. Spry is the newest addition to a line-up that serves over 1600 community newspapers across the country.

Advantages for Newspapers

  • Requested by Readers: A 2006 Rose Research survey found 42% of PGA partner newspaper readers would like “more health news/health advice.”
  • Captures a Key Demographic: 65% of adults age 25 to 64 read fitness/health/nutrition stories in their newspaper**.
  • Resonates wtih Core Newspaper Readership: 49% of the Baby Boomer Generation Read a Daily Newspaper*.
  • Builds Advertising: Baby Boomers Spend More than $400 Billion Yearly over Other Generations.*
  • Inspires Readers to Reach Their Life Goals: Almost three in five adults (58%) said they plan to exercise more in 2008, while a similar number (56%) aim to eat healthier food ***
  • Published Monthly.

* Newspaper Association of America Presstime, ** Yankelovich Monitor, 2006-2007, *** Mintel Custom Solutions 2008

Added Value Benefits

Spry-branded Special Sections Special sections are provided exclusively to Spry publishing partners, creating new advertising opportunities for newspapers.

These sections are provided as eight (8) full-pages of editorial in a PDF format, allowing newspapers to sell 8, 10, or 12 pages of advertising and create their own personalized publication. This provides the perfect opportunity to localize the Spry brand and generate considerable revenue.

Weekly Health and Wellness Column

Spry offers newspaper partners exclusive access to a weekly health and wellness column for their print product. As Spry is a monthly newspaper feature, this weekly editorial content will help create awareness of the brand with readers.

Spry in Your Paper

For information about carrying Spry magazine in your local newspaper, contact circulation by calling 800-720-6323.