10 Bedtime Yoga Sequences for Better Sleep

By Lauren Amundrud on March 2, 2017

Sometimes it’s hard to wind down after a stressful day. Doing yoga before bed is the perfect way to clear the mind and ease all that excess tension! These 10 sequences will have you relaxed and ready for deep, rejuvenating sleep in just minutes. Sweet dreams!


Soothing Yoga Poses for Sound Sleep

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Set yourself up for deep sleep with these 10 poses.



6 Relaxing Yoga Poses to Help You Fall Asleep

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You can do this routine in the comfort of your bed! All you need is a pillow.

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7 Poses for Sleep and Relaxation

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Stretch your way to better sleep with this calming routine.

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Before Bed Stretches

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Taking 10 minutes to stretch before bed can dramatically improve your sleep!

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10 Yoga Poses for a Better Night’s Sleep

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Spend 20 minutes before bed performing these 10 relaxing poses.



20 Minute Yoga Video for the Ultimate Sleep

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Ditch bad evening habits and take time to unwind before your head hits the pillow!

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5 Yoga Poses to Do Before Bed

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Take a moment to decompress and relax with these 5 simple poses.



5-Minute Bedtime Yoga to Bring on the Zs

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If you like following along with a video, this one's for you! The relaxing music may even be enough to put you to sleep.



The 10-Minute Yoga Routine for Perfect Sleep

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The peaceful movement and meditation in this routine are sure to help you de-stress.

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3 Minute Yoga Routine for Better Sleep

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You only need 3 minutes to perform these poses! You'll be ready to hit the hay in no time.

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