HIIT It! 10 Most Shared HIIT Home Workouts

By Katherine Foreman on February 12, 2016

No time to hit the gym? HIIT workouts, focused on high-intensity interval training, allow you to get fit and toned right from the comfort of their home. In order to help reinvigorate those 2016 fitness goals, we’ve rounded up the ten most shared HIIT workouts on social media.


Sexy Arms Circuit Workout with Cardio HIIT

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This short and sweet workout circuit combines arm-toning with cardio to hone in on increasing heart rate while working those biceps and triceps.

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The Quick and Dirty Upper Body Workout

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Pair your sexy arm workout with another circuit-based routine that targets the entire upper body, so you'll have a perfectly toned chest and back to match.



30 Days of HIIT

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This interactive website has 30 days of HIIT-inspired workouts laid out for you, with detailed instructional pictures, number of sets and even an on-page timer to keep you on track.



HIIT That Butt Workout

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Can't ignore those glutes! Pair your toned tummy, arms and legs, with a toned backside.

Body Rock


Abs HIIT Workout

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This high intensity, high results workout routine focuses on giving you those dreamy abs you've been dreaming about.

Skinny Ms.


15-Minute Belly Fat Blaster

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Targeted specifically for the tummy, this quick circuit aims to kick relentless belly bulge to the curb in no time.



Legs & Butt

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This sure-fire circuit will have you running laps around the competition in no time at all.

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HIIT Full Body Focus

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Focusing on each part of your body, this routine is easy to finish in a spare slot of time and is sure to hit all your focus areas.



HIIT Workout All Levels

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Conveniently paired with a chart detailing beginner, intermediate and advanced workouts, this 10-minute body blast caters to HIIT newcomers and veterans alike.



35-Minute HIIT Workout That Won't Hurt Your Knees

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During a high intensity workout, it's important to listen to what you're body's telling you—especially if working out is putting too much strain on your knees. Give those guys a breather with this action-packed circuit.