Top Oblique Workouts to Whittle Your Waistline

By Jeanette Morelan on February 18, 2016

With bikini season right around the corner, it’s time give those abs a little TLC.  These oblique exercises allow you to specifically target the sides of your abdomen—but they’re a must for achieving a tapered waistline and a super strong core.


9 Moves To Shrink Your Muffin Top

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Target your obliques with moves like side crunches, Russian twists, and mountain climbers.

Skinny Mom


7 Oblique Exercises to Lose Your Love Handles

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Get those "side abs" in tip top shape with exercises made harder by the addition of weights.

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12 Oblique Burners to Melt Your Muffin Top

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You'll have fab abs in no time with this workout that utilizes variations on the side plank.

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Flat Ab Core Workout

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Do this simple 20 minute workout three times a week in addition to some high-intensity cardio, and watch the inches melt from your waistline.



4 Exercises to Lose Your Love Handles

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Mix things up with the addition of dumbbells, exercise balls, Bosu, and an Olympic bar to engage your core like never before.



Ab-Oblique Interval Workout

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Get that heart pumping and abs burning with this killer interval workout!

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10 Exercises That Torch Your Obliques

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It's crunch time, ladies! Shape up in no time with these oblique-burning moves.



5 Best Oblique Exercises For Ripped-Up Abs

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These super-effective exercises target your obliques with an alternating circuit of heavy weights and fast repetitions.

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The Waist-Cinching Workout for Toned Abs and Obliques

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Twist and turn your way to ab-perfection with this waistline-whittling workout.

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Killer Core Circuit Workout

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You'll definitely be feeling this workout the next us, it's a good thing!

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