Top DIY Beauty Recipes Featuring Essential Oils

By Katherine Foreman on April 18, 2016

These undeniable beauty agents are known as “essential” for a reason—not only are they easily accessible, but essential oils can work miracles on many parts of the body, from your head to your feet.


DIY Essential Oil Facial Astringent

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Sometimes those pores just need a good ol' tightening. The essential oils in this DIY astringent work to help soothe the skin as any unwanted gunk is blocked out.

Live Simply


Soothing Lavender Detox Bath

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Not only are these relaxing bath soaks great for unwinding after a long week, there are a wide range of health and beauty benefits that can accompany your pampering sesh.

This House of Joy


Essential Oil Toothpaste

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Help those pearly whites remineralize with a homemade toothpaste recipe that will leave your mouth feeling fresh and healthy.

Keeper of the Home


DIY Anti-Aging Facial Serum

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The best way to keep your skin looking its most supple for years to come is not only through a healthy lifestyle, but through a thoughtful beauty regimen, including recipes like this serum packed full of seven beneficial oils.

One Good Thing By Jillee


DIY All-Natural Face Oil for Acne-Prone & Oily Skin

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In one of the beauty world's biggest ironies, using essential oils on acne-prone and oily skin actually works to counteract unnecessary, germ-inducing moisture on the face by filling your pores with the good, natural oil it needs for the glow we all crave.

Body Unburdened


3-Ingredient Facial Oil Moisturizer

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Everyone knows that the bedrock of great skin is an even greater moisturizer, and the best part about essential oils is that they can be combined in a number of ways to suit your skin's unique needs. So, whether you need help with the T-zone or can't get past the dryness, essentials oils are here for the rescue.

Crunchy Betty


All-Natural Body Spray

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The soothing power of aromatherapy speaks for itself, and this completely natural and fragrant body spray recipe (easily customizable to suit your smell-good needs) will keep the good vibes afloat day in and day out.

Thank Your Body


Sleepy-Time Foot Spray

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Not only is this foot spray great for keeping your feet happy and crack-free, but the aroma and soothing nature of the oils are perfect for when you just can't seem to power down for some shut-eye.

Wellness Mama


Hair Growth Blend

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Want hair that grows faster and fuller? This blend of essential oils works towards a healthy, moisturized scalp.

Whole New Mom


Better Than Botox Facial Scrub

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While the word "scrub" denotes a level of harshness, this power washing formula is actually quite the opposite, soothing the skin as it cleanses a day's worth of makeup and grime.

Kula Mama