Get It, Girl! 10 Trending Workouts for Strength Training Newbies

By Jeanette Morelan on March 1, 2016

Ladies, it’s time to get ripped! Get the strong body you’ve always wanted with these trending workouts designed especially for beginners.


The Female Training Bible

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This complete guide to weight training includes a twelve week program complete with warm-ups, all over body conditioning, and nutrition information!



The Ultimate Female Training Guide

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Can't tell the difference between a deadlift and a dip? This guide explains the purpose of each exercise you'll be doing in this 12 week training program.

Simply Shredded


The Transformation Workout Plan

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This weight lifting plan is specifically designed for women and includes a cardio workout as well as a lifting routine to strengthen and tone.

Muscle and Fitness


The Ultimate Beginner's Machine Workout for Women

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Afraid to walk into the gym because you have NO idea what to do with those machines? Fear not—this guide includes demonstrations as well as a killer workout. You'll be a pro in no time!



Why Ladies Should Lift Weights

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This guide does away with some common misconceptions about female weight lifting, and offers a great beginner's workout plan, too!



Six Week Strong and Sexy Workout Plan

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Get the body you've always wanted in just six weeks—with options for increased challenges throughout.

Women's Health


Four Week Weight Training Plan for Women

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Quit overdoing the cardio and build some muscle with this strength training workout—building muscle helps to blast fat faster.



Lift Like a Girl: Women's Beginner Strength Training Guide

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Show those boys who's boss—this awesome strength training guide will have you feeling fit and fab in no time.

Nia Shanks


The Modern Woman's Guide to Strength Training

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This weight plan can be customized to match your fitness level—start small and work your way to greatness!

Girls Gone Strong


Beginner's Weight Lifting Routine for Women

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Increased function in daily activities, a lowered risk of osteoporosis, an increased metabolism—all benefits of lifting weights. So, what are you waiting for?