Slimmer Summer: 10 Recipes to Help You Detox

By Lauren Bellatti on July 18, 2016

Summer sun is fun, but between the heat and heavy food at your backyard barbecue, the season can easily wear down your body. Check out these 10 trending and refreshing recipes to stay hydrated, cleansed and energized all summer long.


Strawberry Lime Detox Water

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This water's bold strawberry and lime flavors, accented with refreshing hints of cucumber and mint, will wash away your toxins and the summer heat.

Back to Her Roots


Super Summer Detox Salad with Cherries and Kale

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Antioxidant-rich ingredients like cherries, kale and artichokes burst with fiber, flavor and freshness.

Well Plated


Pineapple Ginger Smoothie

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This smoothie sparkles with tropical flavors and cleansing properties that are bound to brighten your morning.

Gimme Some Oven


Sea Salt and Vinegar Kale Chips

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Tired of grease-laden potato chips at your backyard BBQ? Try these kale chips as a crispy, salty and healthy alternative.

Gimme Some Oven


Cleansing Vegetable Soup

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Packed with fresh farmers' market ingredients and detoxification elements like lemon, turmeric and cayenne, this soup is sure to spice up your summer.

The Glowing Fridge


Ginger Lemon Detox Tea

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Sip this tea for radiant, glowing skin.

The Indian Spot


Israeli Salad

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This vegan and gluten-free salad is bursting with tastes of the Mediterranean and the colors of summer.

Feasting at Home


Green Detox Smoothie

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Each ingredient in this bikini-ready smoothie was was hand-picked for its dynamic vitamins, minerals and taste.

The Glowing Fridge


Dark Chocolate Detox Bites

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The answer to chocolate is always "yes"—especially if it can boost your heart's health while you detox.

The View from Great Island


Grapefruit Detox Lemonade

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This fat-flushing lemonade is the perfect pairing for summer porch sitting.

Not Quite a Vegan