Trending Workouts for Toned Arms

By Jeanette Morelan on February 18, 2016

With tank top and bikini season nearly upon us, it’s time to get those sleek and strong arms that everyone’s looking for. These trending arm toning exercises will blast flab and leave you feeling oh-so-sexy.


Work Out Your Arms In Three Minutes Flat

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Buzzfeed teams up with trainer Anna Altman for a three minute workout that will shape up your arms—fast.



17 Free Weight Exercises For Toned Arms

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Pull out those dumbbells, ladies! These moves utilize free weights to strengthen a variety of arm muscles until they're tank top ready.

Skinny Mom


The 10 Best Arm Moves

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From pullovers to push-ups, these tried-and-true moves are guaranteed to shape up your arms in no time.



Seven Day Summer Arms Challenge

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Give yourself a week to great arms—each day, you'll be incorporating different exercises like Tabata and strength training.

Skinny Ms.


Four Moves To Tone Your Arms—Fast

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This workout has varying levels of difficulty—build up your strength and challenge yourself to reach the hardest level.



Sexy Arms Dumbbell Circuit Workout with 10 Minute HIIT

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Who doesn't love a little HIIT in their workout? Combine the best of cardio and strength training with this workout.

Fit Foodie Finds


Bye Bye Arm Jiggle: The 15 Minute Workout

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Don't fear wearing those strapless dresses—this 15 minute workout will take your arms from flabby to fab in no time!

Women's Health


30 Day Upper Body Challenge

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This workout starts with just one exercise a day—then builds to super-circuits that will tone your arms and shoulders like no other.



The Best Triceps Exercises For Women

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Don't ignore those muscles in the back of your arms! These moves are specifically targeted to make those triceps really pop.



Tank Top Shoulder Workout—No Weights!

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You don't need anything but your own body weight to do this arm workout!

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