Runner Up: Top Trending Strength Workouts for Runners

By Stephanie Schiraldi on March 28, 2016

Getting ready for your next big race? These trending routines will make sure you aren’t neglecting strength training on top of cardio workouts.


10 Essential Strength Exercises

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These 10 exercises take only 30 minutes to complete! Knock 'em out on your easy or cross-training days.

Runner's World


Four Key Strength Training Moves

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Want to create your own custom strength training workout? These are the four key moves you should include.

Spark People


Five Minute Plank Workout

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These six plank positions will help tone your core for that performance-boosting strength you need.

Dare Bee


Resistance Training Workout

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Not sure where to begin? This workout is specifically designed to target all the primary muscle groups used during running.



Seven Strength Training Exercises

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These seven moves include a video to make sure you're in proper form to get the most out of your workout.

Runner's Blueprint


Speed and Endurance Boosting Moves

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These eight moves will challenge your lower body and core to improve balance and strength.



Hip Strength Exercise

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This 20-minute routine focuses on building hip strength to reduce the risk of running injuries.



Seven Resistance Moves for Building Muscle

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This strength training routine builds muscle to make you leaner, more powerful and less prone to injury.

Women's Health Magazine


Joint and Leg Exercise

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This exercise will help strengthen your legs, abs and lower hip muscles while also working all of the major joints used during a run.

Skinny Ms.


Kettlebell Exercises

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Kettlebells kick you into shape to run stronger and faster—while also burning extra calories.

Women's Running