Apple Pie Balls

Apple-Pie-Balls-by-PaleoParents Apple pie balls


1cup cinnamon apple chips*
1cup cinnamon apple rings
1cup coconut flakes
1cup soft medjool dates
3/4cup raisins


  1. Add all ingredients, except raisins, to a food processor and pulse until they come together to form a ball when molded in your hand – about 1-2 minutes and the apple chips will be 1/4″ shards
  2. Add raisins and pulse a few more times, so that there’s still chunks of them (if you don’t want chunky raisins in your balls, then add raisins to main batch and save yourself this step, but we like the treat of surprise raisin bites!)
  3. Form tablespoon size balls, the dough shouldn’t be too sticky so we skipped rolling them in coconut flakes this time – but you can do that if you’d like.
  4. EAT!


* For the cinnamon chips, look for a brand that has 2-3 ingredients: apple, coconut oil and cinnamon.


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