Asian Cucumber and Avocado Salad

  • Yield: 4 servings


2large cucumbers
1/2cup chopped avocado
1/2cup chopped tomatoes
2tablespoons low-sodium soy sauce
2tablespoons seasoned rice vinegar
2tablespoons orange juice
1tablespoon lemon juice
1teaspoon grated fresh ginger
1teaspoon sesame seeds, toasted


  1. Partially peel (peel in strips lengthwise) cucumbers, cut in half lengthwise; remove seeds by scraping with spoon and cut into thin slices horizontally (instead of chopping), about 2 cups sliced.
  2. In bowl, place cucumbers, avocado and tomatoes. In small bowl, whisk together soy sauce, vinegar, orange and lemon juice, and ginger. Toss with cucumber mixture.
  3. Sprinkle with sesame seeds, serve.
Spicy Advice: Toss in shredded cabbage, cucumber, bean sprouts and serve with extra hoisin sauce-use whatever you have on hand or prefer
Recipe reprinted with permission from Holly Clegg’s Too Hot in the Kitchen: Secrets to Sizzle at Any Age (2010).

Nutritional Info *per serving

  • Calories 66
  • Fat 4g
  • Saturated Fat 0g
  • Cholesterol 0mg
  • Sodium 309mg
  • Carbohydrate 7g
  • Fiber 3g
  • Sugars 3g
  • Protein 2g