Baked Pears with Toasted Oat Topping

  • Yield: 6 servings
  • Prep: 25 min
  • Cook: 1 hour, 11 min


3 Bosc pears
2tablespoons honey
2tablespoons fresh lemon juice
1/3cup toasted slivered almonds
1/3cup sweetened dried cranberries
1/2cup orange juice
6tablespoons vanilla bean 2% reduced-fat Greek yogurt
Toasted Oat Topping


  1. Preheat oven to 375°. Peel pears, and cut in half, cutting through stem and bottom ends. Scoop out core and some pulp to form an oval hole in center of each pear half. Place pears, cut sides up, in an 8-inch square or 11- x 7-inch baking dish.
  2. Combine honey and lemon juice in a bowl. Stir in almonds and cranberries.
  3. Spoon honey mixture into center of pear halves. Pour orange juice into baking dish.
  4. Bake, covered, at 375° for 15 minutes; uncover and bake 12 more minutes or until pears are tender and thoroughly heated.
  5. Place pear halves on individual plates; drizzle orange juice mixture evenly over pear halves. Spoon 1 Tbsp. yogurt onto each pear half, and sprinkle each pear with about 2½ tsp. Toasted Oat Topping. Serve immediately. Serving size 1 pear half with 2½ tsp. topping

Recipe courtesy of THE SLIM DOWN SOUTH COOKBOOK: Eating Well and Living Healthy in the Land of Biscuits and Bacon (January 6, 2014; Oxmoor House; $24.95/Hardcover).  

Nutritional Info *per serving

  • Calories 196
  • Fat 4.5 g
  • Saturated Fat 0.9 g
  • Polyunsaturated Fat 1.0 g
  • Monounsaturated Fat 2.2 g
  • Cholesterol 3 mg
  • Sodium 14 mg
  • Carbohydrate 39.5 g
  • Fiber 5.2 g