Double Cocoa and Strawberry Cake

Recipe for Vegan Cocoa Strawberry Cake.
Clare Winfield
  • Yield: 12 to 15 servings


Basic Chocolate Cake
1pound strawberries
For the Cocoa Buttercream
1cup Demerara or other good-quality brown sugar (or icing/confectioners’ sugar)
1 2/3cups cocoa powder
1/2teaspoon bourbon vanilla powder
3 1/4cups nonhydrogenated margarine, at room temperature
2 to 3tablespoons plain soy milk, at room temperature
1 11-in. or 9-in. springform cake pan, baselined with parchment paper and oiled


  1. For the Basic Chocolate Cake, decide which size you want to make before you start: a 11-in. cake for 12–15 slices or a 9-in. cake for 8–12 slices, then follow the corresponding instructions. When you’ve baked the cake and prepared it as described, put the bottom layer on a serving plate and set the top layer aside while you make the filling.
  2. For the cocoa buttercream, very finely grind the brown sugar in a spice mill or food processor; you should get about 2 cups powdered sugar.
  3. Sift together the cocoa powder and powdered brown sugar in a bowl. Stir in the vanilla powder.
  4. In a separate, large bowl, beat the margarine with an electric whisk until soft. Gradually add the sifted ingredients, beating well and adding a little milk when the mixture gets dry. Continue to beat until the buttercream is light and fluffy – this will take a couple of minutes, so be patient!
  5. Hull and slice half of the strawberries. Hull and halve the remaining strawberries (or leave some unhulled if you prefer – these will be used to decorate the top of the cake).
  6. Spread half of the cocoa buttercream over the bottom cake layer with a spatula. Arrange the strawberry slices over the buttercream, then cover with the top cake layer. Spread the remaining buttercream over the top of the cake.
  7. Decorate with the strawberry halves.
  8. Store the cake in the fridge, but bring to room temperature for 30 minutes before serving, as the buttercream firms up when chilled.

The Vegan Baker by Dunja Gulin (Ryland Peters and Small)