Five Minute Pumpkin Pie Oatmeal (In a Mug)

5 minute pumpkin pie baked oatmeal


1/3cup oats
pinch salt
1/4teaspoon each cinnamon, nutmeg and allspice
1/4teaspoon baking powder
1 tablespoon ground flax seed
4tablespoons pumpkin puree
1tablespoon maple syrup
1tablespoon Stevia
1/4teaspoon vanilla
1/4cup milk of choice
sprinkle walnuts, for topping


  1. Lightly spray or grease your mug of choice so that the bottom and sides are minimally coated. Add in the pumpkin, syrup, vanilla, and 2 tbsp. of milk. Stir so that everything is evenly orange and combined.
  2. Grind one tbsp. or the oats in a food processor or blender, so they resemble flour. Add these to the mug, along with the other oats, salt, spices, baking powder, and flax.  Mix everything together as best as you can. Gradually add in more milk, until the batter is thick and wet, but not puddling.
  3. Pop the mug into the microwave for 2 minutes. If the mug is small, keep an eye on it to make sure the oatmeal doesn’t bubble over. When done, the top should be set, with a rounded gold exterior. If not, cook it for another 20-30 seconds.
  4. Wait a few minutes to cool, top with desired toppings, and enjoy.


Recipe courtesy of Meghan from Oatgasm