Grilled Cheese with Pickled Brussels Sprouts and Onions

Brussels Sprouts Grilled Cheese


Pickled Brussels Sprouts and Onions
14 Brussels sprouts
1large & 1 small onion
3tablespoons salt
4tablespoons sugar
1cup white vinegar
Grilled Cheese Sandwich
2slices white or wholemeal bread
1/4cup pickled brussels sprouts and onions
1 egg, beaten with white pepper
Mozzarella cheese
1tablespoon butter


For the pickled sprouts and onions:

  1. Wash brussels sprouts and slice lengthwise, as thinly as possible.
  2. Slice onions as thinly as possible.
  3. Mix together brussels sprouts, onions, salt, sugar and vinegar in a mixing bowl.
  4. Let sit in fridge for at least one hour. Toss brussels-onion mixture after half an hour.

For the sandwich:

  1. Heat a small pan and melt a tablespoon of butter. Add pickled brussels sprouts and onions (try to shake off excess liquid before cooking) to pan. Pan fry on high heat until softened. Taste vegetables, and add salt or sugar if necessary. Continue cooking until slightly charred, then set aside on a plate.
  2. Beat one egg with white pepper. Pour the egg into the same pan and cook the omelette. Set aside on the same plate.
  3. Reduce the heat to low. Spread butter on one side of each slice of bread. Place the first slice, butter side down onto the pan.
  4. In this order, add 2 slices of Mozzarella cheese, Brussels sprouts and onions, egg omelet, 2 additional slices of Mozzarella and the other side of bread, butter side up. Press slightly with a spatula.
  5. Cook until the bottom slice of bread becomes golden brown and cheese has melted. Flip the sandwich over to cook the other half.
  6. Remove the sandwich from the pan and serve immediately.

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