Halibut Mexicana

  • Yield: servings

"I lived in Alaska for many years, and every summer we ate fresh-caught halibut from Kachemak Bay."


1tablespoon olive oil
3/4cup chopped onions
2-- garlic cloves, minced
1 3/4cups water
1cup picante sauce
3/4cup long-grain white rice
6-- inch thick) halibut filets
1tablespoon chopped cilantro
1/2cup chopped fresh tomatoes
1/3cup shredded Cheddar cheese
3tablespoons reduced-fat sour cream
2tablespoons chopped green onions


1. Heat olive oil in a large skillet. Add onion and garlic and saute until tender. Add water and picante sauce and bring to a boil. Add rice. Cover and simmer over low heat until rice in tender. There should be some water left in the pan.
2. Rinse halibut filets and arrange on top of rice in pan. Sprinkle with cilantro. Cover and simmer until halibut flakes easily with a fork, about 15 minutes. Remove from heat. Serve rice and halibut topped with tomatoes, cheese, sour cream and green onions.