Ham and Veggie Pitas

Ham and Veggie Pita recipes.

ashley haugen


2 pita pockets
1 carrot
3slices ham
a few spinach leaves
1 small container of mayo, optional


  1.  Add homemade snack mix and orange slices in top containers.
  2. Assemble sandwiches by slicing two pita pockets in half. Carefully open them and fill them with ham and spinach leaves.
  3. Peel a carrot and continue slicing the carrot with your peeler. Add those carrot slices by gently folding them in half and adding them to the pita pockets.
  4. Place all three pockets in the lunchbox, add a small piece of parchment paper and add energy bites. If desired, add a small container with mayonnaise.

Recipe courtesy of Nina from Mama Belly, a military wife and mom of four wonderful children. Nina started making bento-style lunches when her youngest son started preschool and she discovered he was quite a picky eater.