Joe's Fresh Cod Salad

  • Yield: 2-4 servings


1large cod fillet
1-1/2stalk celery including leaves, sliced thinly
4cloves garlic, finely chopped
2tablespoons fresh parsley, chopped
1/2cup red onion, chopped
1/2cup green (or black) olives, sliced
3tablespoons capers
1 kosher salt to taste
1 freshly ground pepper to taste
2 juice from two lemons
1 extra virgin olive oil


  1. Poach the cod in water or fish broth until it flakes easily.  This is done more gently in the oven than on a stovetop (for about 25 minutes at 400 degrees F).  Remove the fish from the liquid and allow to cool.  Carefully flake the fish into a bowl.
  2. Add the celery, garlic, parsley, onion, olives and capers to the bowl.  Mix well being careful not to break the fish into too many tiny fragments … and season to taste with salt and freshly ground pepper.
  3. Dress the salad with lemon juice and olive oil.
  4. Serve at room temperature, or if you prefer, chilled.