Lunch Meat “Sushi” Bites

Lunch Meat Sushi Bites recipe.
Matthew Mead


low-fat cream cheese
1 whole-wheat tortilla
sliced cheese
deli-style turkey breast
grated carrots
mixed Greens
1 apple


  1. To make these sushi bites, spread a thin layer of cream cheese over one side of a whole-wheat tortilla. Then layer on some sliced cheese, deli-sliced turkey breast, grated carrots and greens. Of course, any thinly sliced fillings work well, even leftover steak or chicken from the grill.
  2. Next, roll it up into a tight wrap. Sometimes you need to add another smear of cream cheese at the very edge help keep it rolled up. Now just slice it into segments. Done.
  3. For an easy and health side, try cinnamon-sugar seared apples. Just slice an apple in half and cut out the core. Brush the cut sides with a bit of lemon juice, then sprinkle with a bit of cinnamon and sugar. Now place them cut side down in a hot skillet (Don’t dirty more dishes; use the one you made you breakfast eggs or pancakes in.) Once the sugar is caramelized, pull them off the heat and pack them up.
  4. Also, little packets of guacamole (sold next to the hummus) makes it easy to pack chips and dip with no worry about the guac going brown by lunch.

Recipe courtesy of J.M. Hirsch, the national food editor for The Associated Press. He blogs about the trials and tribulations of his son’s lunches at His upcoming cookbook, Beating the Lunch Box Blues, will be the first to be released by Rachael Ray’s new publishing venture, Rachael Ray Books.