Beer Chicken Primavera

  • Yield: servings


4-- Chicken Breast
1/2-- onion
1/4-- bell pepper
1/2cup mushroom
1/2cup of artichoke hearts
1-- table spoon of minced garlic
1-- table spoon of tomato paste
1small can of minced tomato/chili
1/2-- heavy cream
1teaspoon sugar
2cups of noodles (any noodle, I prefer rigatoni or egg noodles)
1/4-- vegetable oil
1can of Red Stripe Beer
Willie's Seasonings:
1-- table spoon garlic powder
2pinches cayenne pepper (this depends on how hot you like it)
1pinch black pepper
pinch salt
2teaspoons Paprika


~In a small bowl combine all of Willie's Seasoning, mix
~In medium pan start boiling water for noodles
~In a bowl place chicken breast, beer and a 1/4 of Willie's seasoning. Let marinate for 2-4 hours.
~Slice onion and Bell Pepper
~In a med. size frying pan add oil, heat to temp.
~As oil is heating drain chicken and cut into bite size pieces
~place chicken in oil and cook until done (golden brown) and drain
~Add noodles to boiling water and cook 10/15 minutes until ALMOST done(season water with salt)
~In large frying add oil, minced garlic, mushrooms, artichoke hearts, onions and bell pepper saute for 2 minutes
~Add heavy cream and tomato past and minced tomato/chili, sugar and cooked chicken
~Drain noodles, add to large frying pan mixture and add the remaining of Willie's seasonings. Mix well

Serves 4 adults
* I also make extra Willie Seasoning so you can add once plated*