Roasted Fish

  • Yield: servings


6 to 8ounces tilapia, salmon, trout, bass (farmed), or cod fillet
-- Salt and pepper to taste
-- 2 sprays of olive oil



  1. Place a small roasting pan in the oven and preheat to 450°F–500°F.
  2. Season the fish on both sides with salt and pepper and any other spices you want to add.
  3. Spray a piece of foil with olive oil and set the fish on it.
  4.  Plop the foil with the fish on the hot pan in the oven. Roast for 8 to 10 minutes. No need to turn the fish; it will roast up nicely on the foil.
  5. Take out the fish and let it sit for a minute.


Use to:

  • top a huge green salad or plate of roasted veggies
  • make a fish sandwich using lettuce “buns” and roasted tomato sauce
  • make a great soup by placing the fish in a huge bowl of canned low- salt chicken broth and veggies
  • toss bite- size pieces with whole- wheat pasta and roasted tomatoes





From the Book, THE SKINNY RULES: The Simple, Nonnegotiable Principles for Getting to Thin by Bob Harper with Greg Critser. Copyright © 2012 by Bob Harper. Reprinted by arrangement with Ballantine Books, an imprint of The Random House Publishing Group, a division of Random House, Inc.  All rights reserved.