4 Portable Mason Jar Meals

on August 20, 2015

It's Picnic Time

Enter: Mason jars, the magical vessel that can make practically any dish travel-friendly. Say goodbye plastic Tupperware and say hello to adorable mason jar recipes perfect for a packed lunch or, even better, a picnic.

My Living Nutrition

Mason Jar Frittatas

Hey morning folk! Have you ever dreamed of bringing your friends to a sunrise picnic, but can't convince your night owl companions to get out of bed? We bet these mason jar frittatas will do the trick.

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Back to her Roots

Strawberry Spinach Salad

Mason jar salads are the perfect way to keep a salad fresh and avoid the soggy mess of dressing-soaked greens. When it comes to salad in a mason jar, the options are endless. This strawberry spinach is a perfect summer go-to, but Back to her Roots has a complete guide (see below) with several ways to mix up your mason jar salads.

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Living Sweet Moments

Overnight Oats

Overnight oats are the perfect solution for all you press-snooze-seven-times hibernators. Assemble them in a mason jar the night before and you have a healthy, scrumptious meal ready to eat immediately (at home, or in the car).

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Strictly Delicious

Burrito Bowl

Maybe you don't eat Chipotle as much as Andrew Hawryluk, but we can all agree that Chipotle is the stuff dreams are made of. This on-the-go burrito bowl is for all the days you can't make it to an actual Chipotle.

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