7 Celebrity Healthy Eating Tips

on March 22, 2012

7 Celebrity Healthy Eating Tips

How celebrities stay slim without going hungry.

Carrie Underwood

"The snacking you do adds up. If you set a limit, you'll think, 'Do I really want to blow 250 calories on a candy bar, or would I rather save it for when I'm actually hungry?'" ...to People Magazine on keeping a food diary

Drew Barrymore

“I just think you should eat less of everything. A little bit less. I don't want to live a life where you can't have what you want; it just makes you want it more." ...to Good Housekeeping

Penelope Cruz

“My diet is the Mediterranean diet, which is good food. I eat well, but I try to eat healthy.” ...to USWeekly

Giada De Laurentiis

"A good gauge is to think in terms of an appetizer-sized plate rather than dinner-sized. Then tell yourself that you'll savor every bite." ...to Self

Valerie Bertinelli

"Keep healthy snacks around. Persimmons are my new favorite: 120 calories!"...to People

Diane Sawyer

“I try to drink a ton of water. And here's my tip: Cut up slices of lime and put them into your ice cube tray, then drop lime ice cubes in your water. It makes it so much better than plain water." ...to Good Housekeeping

Meryl Streep

“I have been pushing the wine bottle away—at least after the first glass. I have to fit into these clothes.” ...to People