8 Foods for Healthy Hair

on July 8, 2015


Hey Beach Babe!

Summertime is at its peak, and we love the tousled, sun-kissed look for hair just as much as you do. However, keeping those locks luscious and healthy through the extra heat can be a struggle. Instead of deep conditioning treatments or elaborate styling routines, we say keep throwing your hair in that messy bun and just add some (or all) of these foods to your diet. They'll certainly help you keep your hair healthy, but this list of foods also contains ingredients to build your life around.

Eat up, and long live the messy bun.


Pork Tenderloin

Protein, protein, protein. Protein deficiency will cause hair to stop growing, and, if left untreated, can result in hair loss. Pork is not only full of protein, but it has the added benefits of B6 and B12 vitamins. These nutrients help create red blood cells, which bring oxygen to your skin cells--including the ones on your scalp. Keep on consuming protein and vitamin B rich foods to keep your hair growing strong 'n' long.




Spinach is full of folate (another B vitamin) and iron. Both of these help in the creation of red blood cells and the transportation of oxygen to around your body (and, of course, to your hair follicles). Spinach is also packed with vitamin A, beta carotene and vitamin C, which all contribute keeping your hair moisturized. For healthy hair, we recommend you start having this salad or this halibut dish on the reg.




Eggs are chock-full of biotin. And trust us, you want biotin. Biotin is a kind of Vitamin B that helps hair to grow long and strong. Thankfully, your intestines make biotin as well--but for an extra boost keep on consuming protein and vitamin B packed eggs. Bonus: biotin will also help your fingernails stay strong. Go eggs!




Keep your hair shining with the omega-3 fatty acids in salmon. These are the essential fats that your body can't produce on its own, but are necessary to protect your from disease. Apart from keeping your immune system in check, these fatty acids also help hair to grow shiny and full.



Lentils are full of iron-rich proteins. In other words, lentils are composed of the basic building blocks of hair health. Protein is necessary for formation of keratin, which are the hardened proteins that give hair its structure. Without keratin, hair grows slowly and becomes weak. And let's not forget how important iron is for circulating red blood cells to your hair follicles and helping hair grow.


Sweet Potatoes

Hair refusing to shine? Add sweet potato! Sweet Potatoes are full of beta carotene that your body makes into Vitamin A. Vitamin A protects against dry and dull hair by encouraging your scalp to produce sebum. Hello, gorgeous shine.



Zinc is essential to warding off hair loss. We're talking your-eyelashes-could-fall-out essential. The cells that build hair rely heavily on zinc to help them work their hardest and, thankfully, this mineral is abundant in oysters. Not a fan of the slimy seafood? Beef, crab and lobster all have plenty of zinc to go around.


Greek Yogurt

Looking to lengthen your locks? Just add some greek yogurt. Greek yogurt is full of protein and pantothenic acid (vitamin B5) that helps blood flow to the scalp. It also prevents hair loss and thinning. Recognize pantothenic acid from somewhere? That's because it's in most of your hair and skincare products already.