8 Healthy Cobblers and Pies

on May 27, 2015

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Healthy Cobblers and Pies

Spring is sweltering its way right into summer. In preparation, we're taking an extra measure against those oh-so-sweet cookies and cakes. But good ol' mother nature is on our side here-berries ripen and the holy grail of natural sweetness is now at our (slightly blue) fingertips to replace the refined sugar of baked goods. It's time to have some fun baking with these berries. Check out these lightened- up cobblers and pies to reap the season's berry bounty.

Tasty Yummies

Grain Free Mixed Berry Crisp (Vegan)

This vegan treat is inspired by seasonal finds and depends on all-natural sweeteners to enhance the berries' natural sugars. This farmer's market-fresh crisp is an easy-going recipe that allows for ample variations to get just the dessert you're craving.

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Desserts with Benefits

Healthy Banoffee Pie

Banoffee Pie is anything but healthy. Comprised of sugar, butter, heavy whipping cream and sweetened condensed milk, it's practically a stomach ache waiting to happen. This version, however, is all about taking the health factor up a notch (or five).

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My Whole Food Life

Healthy Blueberry Pie

This healthy pie depends on blueberries to make it sweet and keeps the crust low on refined carbs. It's wholesome, fresh and the light way to enjoy summer pie.

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Sally's Baking Addiction

Mini Apple Pie Bakes

Minimize crust, maximize fruit. This dessert doesn't totally eliminate processed sugar (sorry!), but it saves mega calories by its cute presentation in cored-out green apples.

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Healy Eats Real

Paleo + Vegan Chocolate Pie

Natural cocoa, healthy fats, honey and a grain-free crust make this chilled chocolate pie the perfect way to satisfy chocolate cravings in the summer heat. It's an easy way to trick your taste buds into thinking you're biting into something decadent and naughty.

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She Wears Many Hats

Frozen Blueberry Coconut Yogurt Pie

This pie is almost too easy-almost. We can't think of any reason to not to make it: It's made of only four ingredients, it's chilled (perfect for summer) and it's quite healthy to boot. What are you waiting for?

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Robert Landolphi

Blackberry-Almond Cobbler

We don't want to miss out on rustic, summery and satisfying blackberry cobbler. With its fresh from the bramble blackberries, crumbly crust, and warm, homey appeal, this recipe is a must. Plus, it's only 276 calories per slice.

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Skinny Mom

Skinny Peach Crumble

Crumble on top rather than crust on the bottom plus naturally sweet peaches makes this cobbler a guilt-free way to reap the benefits of ripe peaches. It's simple, quick and presentable.

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