8 Ways to Boost Your Motivation to Exercise

on June 3, 2015


Get Up and Get Moving!

Days are getting longer, allergies are on the rise, and (news flash!) bikini season is practically upon us. This is the worst time for a motivational rut, but we can't always help when the idea of working out sounds even worse than layering up at the beach. If you need that extra motivational boost, we're here to help with these 8 ways to remember why we love (and need) to hit the gym.


Commit (and get paid?)

Commitment is key to keeping on any workout plan. If you're low on motivation, telling yourself you're going to do it may not be enough of an incentive to stay on the bandwagon. That's where a personal trainer, workout buddy or impending vacation date can come in handy.

Still not motivated? What if it cost you money to fail at your workout goals, and you got paid when you stuck to them? Yup, you heard that right. Sign up with Pact to join a community of people so committed to breaking through that lack of motivation that they're putting their money where their mouth is. If you keep to it, you'll get money from those who aren't.



Look Forward, but Also Backwards

Of course, you're working out for your present state of mind and your future self. But don't forget about the past! Remember that perfect run after months of training--you know, the one where you didn't only reach your goal distance, but you felt (and looked) great doing it? Or what about that workout class when even the instructor noticed you kicking butt and taking names? No matter how far you feel from that, remember it's worth it to get there again. Plus, the University of New Hampshire did some research, and found that looking back truly does increase your motivation to work out now.


Mix it Up

Maybe it's not the idea of sweating that's keeping you from the gym, but the idea of that same sweat sesh again. When you need a break from the routine, go get it. Hike, take a class, swim laps--just get out there and move. Oh, and cardio bunnies, here are some hacks for making your daily treadmill all the more exciting, and effective.



Start Over

Don't just mix up your workout routine, restart your mindset. So you're not motivated and working out isn't going so well--then begin again. According to some research published in Management Science, if we think of commitment to a new fitness regime as a break from the past and a totally new start, we will be more likely to succeed. So start new!



Build a Community

We've heard it a billion times, but it is oh so true: the best way to stick through something is to not go it alone. Us humans are pretty social creatures, and we need that social support to keep things going when times get tough or boring, or tough and boring. If you don't have friends who are willing to go in with you in your fitness goals, we recommend stickK for an online community that is full of people supporting one another in reaching their goals.


Strike a Pose

Are you dreading your spin class? Feel like you can't possibly run more than a mile (if that)? Get your chest out, shoulders back, chin up and feet planted. Seriously. If you haven't already seen the Body Language Ted Talk, its a must watch (as in right now) and totally relevant to your lack in motivation. The way you physically posture yourself can alter your desire and drive to get active. Give it a try.


Tone it Up

Choose a Fitness Role Model

Have you tried scrolling through your Pinterest fitness motivation board just to feel more helpless to achieve your goals than before? Looking at "perfect" bodies often has the opposite of the desired effect of giving you a spurt of energy. Rather than focusing on role models who are just images, find some real people who can take you through the ups and downs of staying fit. We recommend Tone it Up, or Lauren Gleisberg for some girls with killer bodies, lots of real advice and relatable personalities.





Update Your Playlist

It's quite possible that all you need to get yourself out the door and sweating is an updated playlist. Distraction helps keep your mind off of your body in particularly painful moments of working out, and if your music is just same old same old, then its time for new playlist. Check out this list of pump up songs for some ideas and then let the music move you (literally).