America, Get Healthy!

on July 1, 2011

Return to Self Care

Spry Dream It, Do It winner Danita Blowers, of Geneva, N.Y., was inspired to get healthy by her love of horses. “I was thinking about how much time and effort I put into my horse’s fitness, diet and performance, and how I don’t focus nearly enough on my own,” she says. After a family crisis, she reached a point when change was inevitable. She changed her diet and took up running. The physical and emotional benefits have been life-changing.

Training for All

Frances Stone of Lubbock, Texas, started a program in her community to get people moving. The free workout classes, which she uses to get experience required to obtain her trainer’s license, allow her to give participants one-on-one attention and encourage them to meet their weight goals. “I know how hard it is sometimes to get ff the couch and get your body back into shapes,” says Stone. “My goal is to be there and give that moral support and let them know I’m here to help them physically and mentally.”

Friends Help Friends

When Lyn Pring’s friend Nancee (right) came to her two years ago asking for help to get back in shape after battling cancer, Pring was happy to oblige. The women, from Fort Collins, Colo., began biking each Monday from 2 to 4:30 p.m. The planned time together keeps them motivated to stick with it, and the companionship keeps their friendship strong, too!

Leading By Example

Nancy Coutreau, a principal at Gilman Middle School in Gilman, Vermont, tries to keep her staff and students motivated to stay physically fit. She enrolled in the Vermont Employee Health Initiative, which allows her to work with district staff to increase healthy living choices available to her staff. For the students, she purchased 30 pairs of snowshoes, which are used weekly during the winter months.

Heart of a Teacher

Teacher Amy Wagner (left) of Salem, Wis., was training for a half-marathon. When one of her students, who is obese, came to her in tears, upset but proud that she had finished a one-mile run before class was over, Wagner invite the student to join her in the half-marathon. Wagner gave the student a training plan and they kept tabs on each other, providing encouragement and companionship.

Healthy America

These women are making a difference in their communities. Be inspired by them and make a difference in yours!