15 Ways to Beat The Freshman 15

on September 29, 2015


You-Niversity of Healthy Living

So it's your first year of college-full of late nights, great memories, and pizza. Lots and lots of pizza. There's a reason that the "Freshman 15" exists, but there are ways that you can stave it off-while still having a ton of fun! Here's a master class in healthy college living.


Get Enough Sleep

Studies have shown that not getting a good night of sleep can lead to weight gain-not only are you prone to late night snacking, you're also less likely to be active during the day. Aim for 7-9 hours a night so you'll feel your absolute best.


Don't Skip Breakfast

It may seem tempting to sleep in until you've got just five minutes to get to class, but if you're missing out on breakfast, you could be in for trouble. Aim for a balanced breakfast with lots of protein.


Eat Real Food

Although you might think that a diet of ramen, pints of ice cream, and pizza is fuel for the college body, you're doing yourself more harm than good. Stock your dorm room with healthy items like granola bars and fresh fruit-they're just as easy to grab but WAY better for you.


Energize Wisely

Sure, coffee is every college student's addiction-but sugar-laden lattes, frappu00e9s, and other drinks are also sources of unwelcome calories. If you need your caffeine fix, try drinking your coffee black, or switching to tea.


Hack Your Caf

If you thought that making it to the cafeteria constituted a healthy lifestyle choice, think again: there are a host of not-so-healthy options out there, especially if it's an "all-you-can-eat" buffet setting. Aim for a good serving of veggies and lean protein-the salad bar and deli line are great starting points.

Hello Natural

Snack Smart

It's normal to get a little hungry throughout the day-especially if you're hard at work studying. Be prepared to curb those hunger cravings with smart snacks, like these mason jar snacks from Hello Natural.


Watch Those Drinks...

While you might not think about it, alcohol is another way that you can add some unwanted pounds. Alternate alcoholic beverages with a glass of water, and try a light beer or alcohol.


Schedule a Workout Time

Between classes, friends, clubs, and other activities, working out can often be put on the back burner. Schedule a time to work out like you would plan for a class and write it in your planner-you'll feel great knowing you were able to take some "me-time" to achieve your goals.


Try At-Home Workouts

Don't have time to make it to the gym? Fear not! There are tons of different products like yoga mats and kettlebells that are easy to use in your dorm room and still are a great way to stay in shape. Check out these kettlebells from Tone Fitness.


Mix It Up!

Many colleges offer a variety of fitness classes for little to no cost. Ever wanted to try barre or kickboxing? There are more options than ever for getting into shape-you just might find your new favorite.


Find a Fitness Friend

Sticking to healthy eating plans and working out is a lot easier with a friend! Try saying "hey" to that girl next to you on the elliptical-you might find a new friend and someone that will help keep you motivated with your fitness goals.


Sneak in Excercise

There are tons of easy things to do during your day to help you stay in shape. Walk to class, take the stairs, or take some 5-minute stretch breaks. These little things will keep your body revved up and feeling its best.


Join a Club

Whether it's intramural volleyball or club soccer, getting involved in group sports is a great way to make new friends and stay in shape. Most universities have a variety of sports that are as fitness-oriented as they are fun.


Priotitize Your Mental Health

Being overly stressed with homework, classes, and other responsibilities can cause your body to go into overdrive, making it harder to stay in shape. Take time to do de-stressing activities such as yoga and be sure to visit a mental health professional if the workload becomes too much.


Cheat (A Little!)

There's no reason that a late night Taco-Bell run shouldn't be in your future-just don't make it a habit. Allow yourself a cheat treat once a week-that way, you'll still be able to indulge while not throwing your entire body off track.