The 10 Best Fitness Trackers Under $100

on September 28, 2015


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Fitness trackers are all the rage, and with good reason: not only are they a trendy fashion accessory, they can also help you to monitor your physical activity and other data about your body. The downside? Some can leave a major dent in your wallet. Here are our favorite fitness trackers that will help you achieve your goals without breaking the bank.

All Things D

Misfit Shineu2014$59

Don't be fooled by its minimalist interface-the Misfit Shine boasts a variety of features underneath its sleek exterior. The tracker monitors running, cycling, swimming (it's waterproof!) as well as sleeping patterns. A halo of lights on the face of the tracker update you on your progress, and it pairs wirelessly with your phone to give you a full range of data.

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Jawbone UP2u2014$80

Jawbone, one of the most popular names in the fitness tracker world, has released a fitness tracker that consistently ranks high in reviews for both ease of use and affordability. Its slim design makes it easy to wear, tracking features are extremely accurate, and the smart alarm feature wakes you up at the best time in your sleep cycle so that you've got your best foot forward.

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Xiaomi Mi Bandu2014$20

After selling millions in China and around the world, this tracker is finally available in the US. At just 20 dollars, this tracker monitors steps, distance, calories burned, and sleep. It's also got caller ID and can act as a Smart Lock to conveniently unlock your phone when your band is near.

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Jawbone UP Moveu2014$40

For people who would rather not wear a tracker on their wrist, the UP Move can clip just about anywhere. While it naturally tracks steps and sleep, you can also log more specific exercise, like kickboxing or yoga, for a more precise daily activity reading.

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Garmin Vivofit 2u2014$99

Another big name in wearable tech, Garmin's middle of the road fitness tracker offers a variety of features without being overly expensive. The band monitors your daily activity and proposes a personalized daily goal, and reminds you to get up and move every hour. There are dozens of cute bands to pair with the tracker, making it a fun and useful accessory.

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Fitbit Flexu2014$79

Fitbit has been taking the fitness world by storm with its range of popular bands. The Fitbit Flex's simple display shows your progress towards daily goals and is both rechargeable and water resistant. The best part? Fitbit has paired up with designers like Tory Burch to give you a variety of stylish options for staying fit and looking fabulous.

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Tim Brookes for Make Use Of


For those looking for a little more guidance during fitness sessions, the Moov is a brilliant choice. It pairs with your smartphone to offer real-time guidance during personalized sessions in running, cycling, swimming and boxing. The voice coaching is a major bonus for those looking at making the most out of their physical activity.

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The Gadgeteer

LifeTrak Core C200u2014$40

If you're interested in getting accurate heart rate readings in a no-frills format, this tracker is for you. The Core C200 doesn't require an app and gives accurate readings on steps taken, distance, and calories burned with a separate setting for workout data.

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Fitbit Oneu2014$90

Another member of the Fitbit family, the Fitbit One provides all of the standard features associated with Fitbit without the requirement of having to wear it on your wrist. Its easy-to-read interface and sleek design make this an easy addition to your everyday life.

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Striiv Playu2014$26

It's always easier to get into shape if you incorporate an element of fun. This is the driving idea behind Striiv Play, a clip-on tracker which has an addictive app that lets you use your activity to compete with friends and play games on your smartphone. Getting in shape has never been easier!

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