Best Gift Ideas for Mother’s Day

on May 7, 2012

Outdoor Research Oasis Sombrero

$36; Whether walking on the beach or planting pansies in the garden, protect Mom from the elements with the Oasis sombrero-style topper from Outdoor Research. The wide-brim hat is made of a sun-absorbing poly/nylon blend and features UPF 50 for plenty of sun protection. The moisture-wicking headband keeps Mom’s face sweat-free! The drawstring cord stops sombrero slippage, and the brim keeps the hat afloat should Mom decide to take a dip. Available in four color options and sizes S, M, L and XL.

Buff USA UV Buff

$23; On the hit reality show “Survivor,” super-skinny contestants sport their buffs every which way. But Mom can prove the buff’s true function: a UV-protecting, moisture-wicking, quick-drying device that offers more than 12 ways to wear it. The UV Buff, in particular, blocks 95% of harmful UV rays, and the Coolmax Extreme fabric offers breathability to keep outdoor adventures (think hikes, bikes and long walks in the park…) cool and comfortable. Plus, it’s odor-fighting and just plain awesome, just like Mom! One-size-fits-all in a variety of colors and patterns.

CamelBak Groove

$25; Help Mom stay hydrated with fresh, delicious water even on-the-go with CamelBak’s new “Groove” filtering water bottle. The BPA-free bottle features a removable, plant-based filter, which easily slides in and out of the straw and lasts for three months or 48 gallons, whichever comes first. Available in four colors and .6L and .75L.

Vew-Do Mini Balance Board

$79.95; It’s no secret that aging takes its toll on our balance. Help Mom stay on her feet and centered with a Vewdo Mini 101 Balance Board. The beginner-level board is smaller in length and diameter than the rest of the Vewdo line, making it great for balance training and muscle strengthening. With a goal to keep the ends from touching the floor, the balance board helps create a stronger awareness of your core stability now to help avoid falls later.

Stoic Thrive Glow Capri

$50; As a child, you found comfort by hugging on Mom’s leg. But now you’re all grown up, and hugging on Mom’s leg would look just plain silly. You can still love on Mom’s legs, though, with a pair of Stoic Thrive Glow capris. These fabulous (and fabulously comfy!)fitness capris are from Stoic’s new women’s collection called Thrive. They’re made of a compressive fabric that gives legs a firm and supportive yet unconstricting hug. And the wicking fabric keeps everything cool and dry. Plus, the anti-stain, odor-fighting material keeps them looking and smelling great! Now, who needs a hug? Available in XS-L.

Ninja Pulse

$119.80; Everyone knows that moms do multi-tasking best, until now! The Ninja Kitchen System Pulse is a true kitchen multi-tasker. Part-blender, part-mixer, part-food processor, this tiny appliance powerhouse can turn out smoothies, shakes, and even pizza and cookie dough with the touch of a finger. The package includes three blades, three blend-and-go cups with lids, and a processing pitcher for larger recipes. And the ease of cleaning and storing the Ninja makes moms happy!

Sea Bags

$130 and up; For a truly waterproof tote, why not use material designed to withstand all the elements? Sea Bags are made from recycled sails at a small factory on the wharf in Portland, Maine. Moms will love the fact that no matter what you transport in these bags ... groceries, diapers, toiletries ... spills are easily erased by spot-cleaning and the material dries super fast. Rope handles run the length of the bag, so there’s no chance of breakage. Choose from a range of styles or custom-design your own. The medium is a standard-size tote, but we liked the extra width in the large.