Best Pinterest Fitspiration

on January 9, 2014

Need a little extra motivation?

It's a predictable and common trajectory: We begin a new fitness regimen with gusto, resolving to commit to the gym once and for all. But then, after a few weeks, determination wanes and we fizzle out. What gives? To help rev up your motivation, we rounded up a host of Pinterest ideas that will "fitspire" you to stick to your fitness goals in 2014. Check out our Fitspiration Board to view the original pins and more found in this slideshow.

Chase your Alarm Clock

Struggling to get up for 6 am spin class? This feisty little clock is sure to get you out the door and off to the gym. When this clock goes off, it rolls off of your nightstand, forcing you get up and chase it. No more hitting the snooze button!

The Buddy System

The buddy system is one of the most tried-and-true methods for sticking to your fitness program. Bringing a buddy to your workouts keeps you accountable—you wouldn't ditch out on your best friend for coffee, so why would you bail on her for the gym?

Spice up your routine

Keep your workout fresh by trying something new—whether it's a Zumba class, rock climbing or a Kangoo Jumps Class. We are less apt to stick with an exercise program when boredom strikes.

Event Prep

Register for a fun event ahead of time (like a Color Run) to give you a tangible goal to work towards.

Schedule in Workouts

Your health is important to you...right? If so, make time for it! Create a schedule and stick to it, just as you would for an important meeting you couldn't miss.

Buy Cute Workout Wear

When you buy new clothes, you want to show them off. Apply the same concept with activewear and you'll notice a little pep in your step.

Reward Yourself!

All work and no play makes for a dull workout. Reward yourself with non-edible treats, like the ones pictured in this Pinterest post. Start by giving yourself a gift for every small goal you reach that builds up to one long-term reward.

Strive for improvement, not perfection

When working out, remember that you want to improve each time. If you only focus on being perfect, you'll never see how far you've gotten! Instead, take a mental note of how you improved that session, whether you completed 2 more pushups than usual or ran a few minutes longer.

Steps in the Right Direction

Buy a cute pedometer and keep it with you throughout the day. You can see your physical progress as you monitor your steps.

Jot it down

Get a journal devoted solely to working out and jot down your workout and progress. This can help keep you on track for fitness success. Use this free downloadable template to get started.

Check out our Fitspiration board to view the original pins and more found in this slideshow.